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Price: USD $200
(Including Postage)


(Hard Copy & Pen Drive & Digital Access through Mobile App) 

We have started taking orders for The Bunker Book XIV (Hard Copy & Digital Access through Mobile App), The A4 size directory with more than 300 pages is your one-stop source for all the Bunker Suppliers, Traders, Brokers and Oil & Lube companies globally.

The Bunker Book is a full-colour directory providing information on 1600 unique data of Bunker Suppliers, Traders, Brokers & Oil and Lube companies with over 4500 personnel information. You can also find the company’s brief introduction along with their port of operations making the search result time saving for our end user. Its user-friendly design is bifurcated into 6 sections as per world region of “Africa, Asia, Europe & European Union, Middle East, Oceania & The Americas”. All companies are listed under the country they are located and it can be further found under the region that the country falls in.

The all-new Bunker Book XIV will also be available to access through mobile app for our subscribers. Using your login credentials, now you can easily search “The Bunker Book” mobile app while travelling or abroad on a business trip. Real-time live updates with latest news, industry events always keep you connected with the industry.

• The all-new concept bifurcated into six sections according to world region – ASIA, AFRICA, EUROPE & EUROPEAN UNION, MIDDLE EAST, OCEANIA & THE AMERICAS
• Newly designed concept under each company listing making your search time saving – (S) Suppliers, (T) Traders, (B) Brokers and (O) Oil & Lubes
• Brief profile of companies with their services and ports of operations
• Now get connected to your business partner by the medium of Skype messenger, available for company & personnel both
• Unique Credit Card Shape Flash Drive gives you free hand access whenever you are travelling or abroad on a business trip
• Easy to use indexing in soft copy PDF – Region Search, Country Search and Company Search

The hard copy directory with digital access on the mobile app is available at the cost of USD $200, including postage charges through courier, delivery within 7 to 10 working days.

Following are the offers for companies who would like to order multiple copies:

• Buy a set of 3 copies and avail additional 1 copy for FREE (3+1 Free)
• Buy a set of 5 copies and avail additional 2 copies for FREE (5+2 Free)
• Buy a set of 7 copies and avail additional 3 copies for FREE (7+3 Free)

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